How to overcome the fear of swimming?

All of us have some king of fear buried within us like fear of height, water, fire etc. We can avoid the fear of height and fire but as we know that water is a necessary substance in our daily lives. Many of the people live with the fear while jumping in the water for Sydney Swimmers . The fear of swimming is eradicated. Some people can easily swim in the pool but in the ocean they become panic or sometimes they don’t want to swim in the open sea. In fact the beauty of ocean attracts the people but the fear of open water becomes an obstacle for them because the ocean is filled with as much unpredictability as much as unpredictable wave’s lengths. Swimming in the pool is not much unpredictable as compare to ocean for most of the people. People have feared to sink in the water if they enter in the sea.


The best way to overcome the fear of swimming in the water is to find a partner. A good partner will help you to feel less anxious by offering you physical and emotional support when you are in the water. And you will also not be very scared to go deeper in the water if you are aware that there is a helping hand to save you. An important thing to know is that the support your body weight and allowing you to float in the water as long as you hold yourself in the water. Pool Swimming Training Sydney​ is an exercise as well as a fun for some people but unfortunately many people suffer fear of swimming.  There are some ways which you can follow to overcome your swimming fear. These are discussed below:

  1. Facing your fear: the first step is to pinpoint your swimming fear that exactly what makes your afraid in the water. It may be fear of sink in the water or ocean fear. Find that your fear is real. There are common characteristics of fear in the water that are:
  • Feeling insecurity in the sea.
  • Feeling panic.
  • Loosing balance.
  • Tensing muscles.
  • Holding breathe in the water.
  • Become anxious if another swimmer is close to you in the water.
  • If you focused on others sides of pool.
  1. Use positive self-talk to relax yourself: if your have the fear of drowning then remind swimming learning skills that will actually prevent you to become panic. Further you also need a life guard to help you out of this problem.
  2. Learning basic techniques from your friend: it is less scary if you are learning basic swimming techniques from your buddy that will also encourage you.
  3. Start slowly: getting over your fear it will take long time but you need to start slowly and swim where you can stand. If you are worry then use buoyancy aid that will helps you to overcome the initial worries about not being able to stay afloat.
  4. Gradually make moves to deeper water: don’t move shallow water until you can float in the water. Learn to tread water first and then move deeper water gradually. It will need weeks or months but you will get there in the end.